In the Studio

Meet the readers whose voices brought our┬ástories┬áto life…

…in the Studio!

Over 150 hours of production time went into the creation of our Cards!

(pictured above: Jack Mc. – Age 9)

(pictured above: Kaitlyn S. – Age 12)

(pictured above: Alyssa M. – Age 12)

(pictured above: Kyle W. – Age 17)

(pictured above: Jason – Owner of Spotlight Studio)

Betty Lou exhausted after a long day in the studio!

Many Thanks to our talented readers!

(listed in order by age)

Andie Mc. (Age 6)
Lillie S. (Age 7)
Jack Mc. (Age 9)
Lily A. (Age 10)
Sami C. (Age 10)
Mackenzie M. (Age 10)
Jade G. (Age 11)
Indigo C. (Age 12)
Abi G. (Age 12)
Alyssa M. (Age 12)
Kaitlyn S. (Age 12)
Kyle S. (Age 14)
Jessica M. (Age 15)
Zac G. (Age 16)
Kyle W. (Age 17)
Chase C. (Age 18)
Anna H. (Age 19)